Active Membership

Want to be recognised as a WICC Active Member? And be a closer part of the WICC Network?
Last semester, we introduced a membership structure to solidify what it means to be an active WICC member and how you can get involved. WICC Active Membership aims to provide anyone in our community with a more personalised WICC experience. The guidelines and requirements for becoming a WICC Active Member are created to help dedicated members get the most out of the available opportunities. We will keep you updated with your progress through the semester.

We’d like to note that the WICC community is open to everyone regardless of their major or gender or membership status. We still welcome you to join us as a general body member at WICC events even if you can’t commit to being an active member.


Active Members of Women in Computing at Cornell will:

  • Have a positive and supportive outlook on all forms of diversity
  • Develop a growth mindset in being an open, aware and helpful individual
  • Represent WICC values in-person and online, knowing that what you say/post reflects both yourself and the organization
  • Uphold the WICC mission statement:

    “Women in Computing at Cornell strives to make computing inclusive for all. We aim to foster a supportive community of women* and allies equipped with the resources needed to recognize and overcome challenges. By creating opportunities for technical and leadership growth, we work to ensure that people of all identities are able to discover and pursue their interests and talents in order to positively impact the future of tech.
    *All gender identities are welcome and supported!”

  • Actively attend and engage at WICC events/programs throughout the semester. You must fulfill any one of the following to be considered an Active Member:

    • Be part of the Lunch Bunch, Mentorship Circles, Cornell Girls Who Code or Photography Committee
    • OR
    • You must attend 4 Events of any type during the semester. (Note: Maximum 2 Corporate Events would be counted towards this total)

Active Member Perks

Active Members who have completed the above requirements would be rewarded for their dedication. You will: With the Active Membership program new, all members who register this semester (Spring 2019) would receive the above perks as part of the ‘pilot program’ this semester. The duration of perks after Spring 2019 is explained in the “Validity of Active Membership” section.

Tracking and Progress

Once you have filled the form and registered for the Active Membership, we will track your attendance at events and see if the above requirements are fulfilled. Be sure to sign-in when you attend an event! We will inform you of the type of event you are attending (Corporate Event or Non-Corporate Event). We will also keep you updated with your progress monthly and give you an opportunity to fill out a feedback form. Do let us know about your experience!

Validity of Active Membership

As soon as you complete the above guidelines and requirements within the semester you sign up for active membership, you will be considered an active member. The perks and rewards carry over to the end of the following semester. If you would like to receive perks and rewards the Nth semester, you must sign up for active membership again during the N-1st semester and complete requirements during the N-1st semester.

What if you signed-up in Fall 2018?
You would have to sign-up again for this semester's membership. There have been some changes in the requirements so be sure to check them!

What to expect if you sign-up in Spring 2019?
The only exception is Spring 2019, our piloting semester: If you sign up for active membership in Spring 2019, you will be considered an Active Member and receive perks and rewards immediately. But you must still complete the requirements in Spring 2019 in order to receive perks for Fall 2020.

We will keep you updated with all the required information and progress! Meanwhile, enjoy your experience with WICC and we look forward to interacting with you!

Any questions?

Contact WICC's secretary:

Riya Jaggi