Workshops organized by WICC

Springboarding your Personal Brand: Personal Branding Workshop

Spring 2019

Springboarding your Personal Brand: Git Workshop

Spring 2019

Springboarding your Personal Brand: Intro to Web Dev & Online Portfolios

Spring 2019

Career Fair Workshop

Spring 2019

Open Source Intro Workshop

Spring 2018

Find the tutorial for the Open Source event HERE

Product/UX Design Workshop

Co-organized with CuAppDev

Spring 2017

A list of design resources are HERE

Grace Hopper Conference Info

Spring 2017

Career Prep Day: 4 Part Event

Spring 2017

Intro to Career Fair and Soft Skills

Technical Interviews: Crash Course

Interview Demo - Organized by ACSU

Coming Soon.

Resume Workshop - Organized by ACSU

Recordings are available here:
WICC Part 1
WICC Part 2
ACSU Part 3

Technical Interviews: The Crash Course

Spring 2016

A recording of the event is available HERE ! (Cornell login required)

Your First Software Engineering Internship

Fall 2016