WICC is creating a network that allows current WICC members to reach out to alumni to ask for advice on academic, social and professional issues. Should you choose to participate in this network, we would ask your permission before putting any WICC members with interests similar to yours in contact with you. WICC would truly appreciate your participation in this program to create an even wider support network for women in computer science and women considering joining our community.

Would you like to be involved as an alumna? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you about all of the exciting opportunities we have waiting for you!

Alumni Network Highlights

WICC is currently working with alumni in our network to host virtual sessions with current students in a discussion and Q&A setting. This allows students to ask alumni for advice or questions about possible opportunities after graduation. This event is primarily intended for upperclassman students as they can benefit more from contact with Alumni than underclassman. WICC is also working to host Alumni Talks with them when they visit Cornell. Alumni are welcome to talk about their experiences at Cornell and beyond and provide advice and perspective to students. If you would like to participate in these events, please sign up above and contact our Alumni Relations Director by email provided below!

Alumni Relations Director

Caitlin Stanton
Ellen Chen